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Okay Bhargav is an Indian Film & Video Editor, Artist and the founder of the okay bhargav Company( born on 15 July 2000 in India's former state Gujarat which is the present most popular state of India He is popularly known for his Video Editing and Visual Effects in Indian short Films.
he was a failure of a person until Success came from his life.He Started his beautiful life in 21st century.even Okay Bhargav had a hobby of learn Japanese. usually he Famous for Editor artist in filmography.Okay bhargav is a known as a Editor in the Indian Filmography.The real name of Okay Bhargav is a Bhargav Kotadiya. And he is popular the name of Okay Bhargav. He is highly esteemed by the people around him. His good behavior and Knowledge + Thinking excellence, earns him the title of "Perfect" it's means "everything is perfect" so, Perfect called Okay. Hence his name is "Okay Bhargav"


Image of Okay Bhargav
Image of Okay Bhargav
Image of Okay Bhargav
Image of Okay Bhargav

Okay Bhargav is a smart at best and the villain at worst. t the beginning of the Life, he is a rather Creative person who has a cycle of constantly Thinking in midnight.
Physical Statistics
Okay Bhargav Stands Tall at 5'6" and weight around 44 kg.He is a boy of average height with fair skin. He usually wears a yellow & Blue shirt and navy black pants. He has straight black & brown hair and black eyes and big round glasses.

Family Details

Family Details Okay Bhargav
Family Details " Okay Bhargav "

Okay Bhargav was born in a Hindu family. he has two sisters. his Elder name is Priyanka and Small name is Ekta. His mother Kantaben Kotadiya, she is a Housewife and Father Mansukhbhai Kotadiya, he is an Indian Farmer in Gujarat, India. Okay Bhargav faced difficulties when she Shifted Surat Because of the different lifestyle then Rajkot. He used to very hard working bout because of his Father he did it work which was impossible for him. He had a hobby of drawing from his childhood. He had suffered an struggled a lot in the initial years of his childhood, The picture is an art and It was well-connected to okay Bhargav, Okay Bhargav's Real name is "Bhargav Mansukhbhai Kotadiya". The got good inspiration from their parents. His Father as a Farmer and His parents had struggled very much for Okay Bhargav Going into the animation film was a dream of the childhood of Bhargav.I t was his father's dream that Bhargav would do something in the future and it is 100% true. every possible thing for him as much as she could to give him happiness but we all knew it that Parents is only one person on this earth who can give us happiness.


Okay Bhargav completed his schooling from Jay Sardar School. According to his, He was interested in drawing, and he was only one of the boy who jumps into Filmography world in his youngest age only 18 years.
after a long gap of two years, he completed his class at Arena Animation in Surat, Gujarat.


Cinematography by Okay Bhargav
Cinematography " Okay Bhargav "

Indian Filmography, Visual Artist and Photo Editor, Okay Bhargav is now the youngest Indian Artist to do work successfully in Filmography world in the year 2018 he started his career in Film line Visual FX when he was just 19 years old, published his first work on there website: A Great Work in 2018 Go to okaybhargav.co.in. we found some information about his biography on his wiki Profile you can reach him by this link Okay Bhargav.
he is a great photo Editor also Master in visual Artist. His Visualization is very brilliant. He is only 19 years when he succeeded in his whole life. sometimes we think how is Possible that passed out in small age and touch the sky it’s a gives us successes, is it Truth? not only Become high it’s not a goal of Okay Bhargav. But he believes in Love and Prosperity. and more Important in his Life is Happiness. if Person who has some kind of knowledge and fully reachest but it’s a not enough for him. because Okay Bhargav believes that happiness is a success. no money Power only based on knowledge he was ahead in his entire life.

Career in Film Editing

Career in Film Editing by Okay Bhargav
Career in Film Editing " Okay Bhargav "

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements and video essays. Video editing has been dramatically democratized in recent years by editing software available for personal computers. Editing video can be difficult and tedious, so several technologies have been produced to aid people in this task. Pen based video editing software was developed in order to give people a more intuitive and fast way to edit video.

Early life

The early life of Okay Bhargav was full feel with complicated. life with his childhood Okay Bhargav's Friend had done a lot for him for the initial three years of his life.

My Journey

  • 2014 in Primary
  • 2015 Passed S.S.C
  • 2017 Passed H.S.C
  • 2020 Passed Arena Animation 


Achievement Fields Yr
Fundamentals of digital marketing Google Digital Platform 2019
Creative Mind Baroda region, Gujarat, India VFX Compostiing 2019
Certificate of Arena Program Arena Animation 2018

Social Profile

“ Thinking you're no good and worthless is the worst thing you can do.”- Okay Bhargav
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